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How To Keep Data Protected On Multifunction Printers?

Security awareness is now one of the most looked after factors in organisations and businesses as the threat of hackers violating sensitive data is increasing everyday. To ensure that this situation does not knock on any business’ door, strict preventative measures must be taken. It is always better to be safe than sorry. During procedures like these, multifunction printers are often neglected and overlooked.

That’s right! Your multifunction printer holds sensitive data and information that any hacker can assess if there are no safety measures in place. They are one of the most common gateways for any third party or hackers to creep into your house or company’s network. Your best bet is to incorporate a few measures that ensure nobody can access your private information.

If a cyber criminal is successful in hacking into your mainframe and accessing confidential data, they can violate your privacy by:

  • Launching DDoS attacks
  • Making you subscribe to certain services that you will not be aware of
  • Sending unauthorised print jobs
  • Accessing sensitive information from your system like confidential documents, contracts, or progressing work

Your multifunction printer can be thought of as a computer in terms of its capabilities to store data that goes through the device. Your multifunction printers store all data that has been sent or received via the scanner, copier, or printer. However, there is no need to panic. You can simply follow these few steps and secure your important data.

You must have a company on board that provides printer services in Perth. Make sure that you consult with professionals about safety and security. At Printcom, we ensure that all formalities are taken care of in terms of protection, and help is accessible to you whenever the situation demands it.

  • Encryption

Multifunction printers send and receive information all day. They also hold a high risk of getting intercepted by hackers while this transaction of data is in progress. Hackers often use a device that features encryption software that can help them in scrambling data and making it unreadable.

  • User Authentication

You must have appropriate user authentication steps to be performed every time someone is using printer services in Perth. To keep data protected on your multifunction printer, the printer must ask for an access code to print. Otherwise, anybody passing by can easily read the document on the tray. With an access code, all printing activities can be monitored.

  • Password Protection

Accidental transmission can happen to anyone. One may not intend on doing so, but things can go south real quick. Make sure all document scanning procedures are accessible only through protocol password protection.

  • Print Monitoring

Monitoring what goes on in a workplace is also very important. As an owner or head of any department, one must have adequate access to keep a check. An audit trail should be created from the multifunction printer. Every organisation that treats security as a priority should pay attention to this step.

  • Authentication Via Cloud

We live in a world where all our searches and data are stored in clouds. A company must introduce safety measures that help them in scanning any documents to any cloud-based applications. If you successfully create an automated workflow, you can decrease the chances of scans accidentally going to the wrong place or person.

  • Data Clearance

If there is no need for your company to retain any information through the printer, just install a data clearance application. Data can easily be purged by such apps making it impossible to access by any third parties.

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The Ideal Time To Upgrade To A New Multifunction Printer

Technological advancements are evolving as we speak. Some old printers do not have these security features in place. The definition of old printers can change according to different models and generations of technology, but a data breach caused by an old printer can be dangerous.

New printers are always faster in getting work done, energy-efficient, as well as cost-efficient with fewer moving parts.

If you find you are looking for printer for sale too often, it is a sign that change is required. Printers are used by all employees and it is of the utmost experience to look after sensitive data. If you want to keep data protected on multifunction printers, then make sure you are taking the necessary steps as mentioned above!

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