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35 years’ experience within the computer and printer industry.

Mining Sector

Mining Sector

Printcom has experience working with companies within the mining industry, and this experience helps us comprehensively understand your businesses needs and requirements.

Whether you’re looking for a high volume printer, a garment or label printer, or a multifunction printer, we offer a large range of many models to both buy or rent.

Be Location Independent

You can’t always rely on printers in one set location. Within the mining industry, it pays to have mobile, location independent printers. We offer a variety of models that match these criteria.

Budget Considerations

When purchasing a printer, it may be tempting to purchase a printer that has a cheaper upfront cost, but it pays to factor ongoing costs into the equation. Consider the cost of ink and tones for the printer model which has caught your eye. Generally, the cheaper the printer, the more expensive the ink. Whilst this may be appropriate for someone who doesn’t often print, it isn’t ideal for a company.


What type of printing will you be doing with your printer? Will the documents be large and bulky, or will they be smaller? If you know the size of the materials being printed, you can purchase a corresponding printer with ease.

Why Choose Printcom?

With years of experience and knowledge in the mining sector, you can rest assured knowing that Printcom will help you find a printing solution for your needs. For more information on how Printcom can help your company find your ideal printer and copier, get in touch with us today. We are available on (08) 6270 5500 and online.

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