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35 years’ experience within the computer and printer industry.




PrintCom has the right printing solution you need for your business or organisation. We stock a full range of Brother and Fuji Xerox printers in our facility. Call us whenever you need a new printer and we will provide a unit that suits your budget and printing needs.

We have printers to meet the requirements of your business. We have colour inkjet multifunction printers that allow you to scan, copy, and fax documents quickly. Whether it is for office or commercial use, you can find the right printer you need in our product list. A Brother laser printer is a good addition to your essential office supplies.

We carry other major brands, including Kyocera, Samsung, HP, Microtek and Avision.


OKI Printers and Copiers

Pioneers of LED technology and known for their award-winning range and high-quality products, OKI’s reputation precedes them. Their printers and copiers are some of the best on the market, which is why Printcom proudly stocks them. We are a huge seller of OKI printers in Perth, and fully comprehend the repair and maintenance of OKI printers: from inside to out.

For a lifetime guarantee of useful OKI printing solutions – choose Printcom.

printer accessories


PrintCom offers great deals on document, film & photo scanners. We carry popular brands, such as Brother, Plustek, Avision, Microtek & Epson.

printer Tonner

Supplies & Accessories

Are you planning to replace your Brother printer ink cartridges? If so, PrintCom can meet your needs. We sell a range of printer supplies and accessories online. Browse through our large selection of products to find the items that match your printer model.

Your Brother or Fuji Xerox toner cartridge produces high quality prints if used properly and according to specifications. Once the printer alerts you or the print quality starts to deteriorate, buy or order a new cartridge immediately. PrintCom has the right components and accessories for your printer. We stock HP, Kyocera, Brother and Fuji Xerox supplies and cartridges. Our large inventory includes trays, paper, drums, belts and inks, as well.

The benefits PrintCom can provide to your organisation

  • NHighest quality components and equipment.
  • NSame day response time if you call before 10am.
  • NRepairs and consumables turn-around time of 24 hours, if parts are available.
  • NCompletely reliable and trustworthy service.
  • NEmergency call-out repair and maintenance services.
  • NUrgent requests can be organised within 4 hours.

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