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Why Brother?

Why Choose Brother Printers

We live in a digital age, where technology is constantly evolving and improving. The same applies to printers. The big, clunky machines of the past have been replaced by higher quality and more effective printers. Brother Portable printers are some of the most innovative printers available on the market. They come with a variety of useful qualities, such as high-quality print resolution, fast and effective print speed, Bluetooth interface and WiFi interface to name a few.

Printcom highly recommends Brother products, which is why we are a certified warranty centre for Brother. We believe that they are endlessly raising the industry standard, deploying printers that truly meet the needs of their users. For more information, continue reading below.

The Benefits of Portable Printers

Robust, mobile and effective, portable printers are ideal for those on the go. From labels to invoices, portable printers provide their user with the opportunity to print even while they’re not in a traditional office space. Just remember to keep your portable printer charged, and you’ll be ready to print.


Unlike their traditional counterparts, portable printers can be utilised in almost any location. If you’re travelling for business and need to print documents, tickets or labels on the go, it offers an ideal solution. Convenience is undoubtedly the biggest advantage portable printing technology offers to its users.

High Print Quality

Portable printers are small and mighty, remaining competitive in terms of their speed and print quality. Many models offer fast and quiet printing, being reliable and functional even though the size is considerably scaled down.

Digital Records

Portable printers are used for more than just printing. Many businesses choose to use their scanning services as well, scanning receipts, invoices and other documents on the go. No need to worry about misplacing another business card – simply scan it on the go and feel secure.

Long Term Use

As with their larger counterparts, portable printers are similarly designed for long term use. Although they may seem pricey upfront, the long-term investment will be worth it.

Compact Design

Most portable printers are small and lightweight, with some being small enough to be stored in a laptop bag. Their compact designs make life on the road significantly easier for their users.

Why Choose Printcom

Portable printers make life significantly easier for those of us aiming to do business whilst on the go. Printcom offers a great range of portable printing options, suited to a variety of needs and purposes. Some of our products include PocketJet Printers, which are ideal for emergency services, as they offer an in-car solution for police, ambulance and fire services. Our RJ printers, on the other hand, are great for warehousing and logistics and delivery on the go.

No matter which needs you have, we can find a portable printer that’ll match them.

We have years of industry experience and knowledge, so if you’d like more information on Brother Printers, or our other portable models, simply contact us today. We are available on (08) 6270 5500 and online.

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