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How To Choose A Printer For Small Business

Selecting the perfect commercial printer means weighing budget with performance needs, selecting from a trustworthy brand, and pinpointing the best model for your business.


As Perth printing specialists, we understand printing solutions. At Printcom we stake our hard-earned reputation on the superior quality of the Brother range, and are a certified Brother authorised repairer.


What impacts printer selection?


Making a less than stellar printer choice can have negative repercussions on the day-to-day running of your business. We recommend taking the time to carefully consider your printer purchase.


Placing too much importance on the upfront price is a common error. A printer is a long-term office investment, with ongoing outlay. The true cost over time is impacted by factors that must be taken into account prior to buying.


The following questions help create a clearer perspective regarding running expenses.


  • How often will the printer require maintenance to continue at peak performance?
  • What are the comparative part costs and predicted replacement schedule for similarly priced printer models?
  • Is the printer energy efficient?
  • Is the recommended ink or toner expensive, and is the page yield high?


Technology and innovation


The tech needs of your business are also an important consideration.


  • Does your printer need Blue Tooth and WiFi?
  • Do you want cloud connectivity capabilities?
  • Would you be better suited with a portable printer?
  • Do you have special cyber security requirements?


Printer usage patterns are another key aspect relevant to the purchasing decision.


  • Will you regularly be printing at a high volume?
  • Do you require double-sided printing?
  • What is the largest size paper passing through your printer?
  • Is the speed of printing a priority for your business?
  • What document or image quality will primarily be printed?
  • Are you focused on specialist printing (i.e. labelling or receipts)?


Clarify the printer type


Ascertain whether a printer, or multi-function printer would best suit your small business.


  • Are you in need of copying, faxing or scanning capabilities?
  • Are the copier, scanner and fax due for an upgrade, and better off integrated?
  • Will device consolidation lower overall running costs?


If you do decide on a multi-function printer, remember to note the specifications for photocopies and scans that your business requires, and make sure the considered purchase meets these demands.


Remember the basics


Don’t forget the all-important question. How large is the space available for a new printer? Another key point is making sure you’re comfortable with the user interface. The work printer isn’t supposed to exasperate you on a daily basis.


Environmentally conscious


Many workplaces are focused on more eco-friendly options when acquiring new equipment. The Printcom team can discuss how “green” a model is, and suggest positive eco-strategies you can integrate based on your chosen purchase.


Why Brother printers


The Brother printers is all about embracing innovation to deliver printer models that keep improving the standard and quality of print performance, integrating tech to meet every need of a wide and every-changing market.


Industry and sector


Certain features are more suited to streamlining business practices in specific sectors. Our years of extensive printer and copier experience mean we can offer guidance toward models popular in your field of expertise.

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How Printcom can help


We know there are numerous points to be addressed when choosing a printer for the workplace. Our team is always ready to help pinpoint the best printer service in Perth for maximum productivity, at a reasonable cost.

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