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Why You Don’t Always Need to Buy a New Printer

When a printer breaks down, you buy a new one. Or do you? At Printcom we repair and maintain printers so your investment in office equipment delivers maximum performance for as long as possible.


In a disposable world, it can seem easier to buy a cheap printer till it stops working, and then buy another. But over time, hidden costs are revealed, making the great deal you found online less impressive.


The upfront price is only half the story


Evaluating the value of a cheap office printer means taking onto account the cost of the toner cartridge, and frequency of replacement. Add in the print drum unit, which can cost up to the price of the printer.


If your business is printing a decent pile of pages each week, these numbers will build until you’ll wonder where the great bargain went? You may also be losing out on DPI (dots per inch), duty-cycle, page yield, speed, and mobile access.


Design plus parts equals staying power


Why do certain printers cost more? One important aspect is quality control. Your business is paying for parts designed for longevity, in the face of constant daily use and high-volume printing requirements.


An office printer should be reliable, fast, and losing minimal time to maintenance that includes cartridge changes and paper refills. For leading brands, these elements are at the forefront of the design process.


A long-term vision works best


Ideally, purchasing a printer should balance performance specs, with business needs. You don’t want to pay for unnecessary features, but you do want to maintain peak efficiency in the workplace.


Investing in quality equipment means eventual repairs and maintenance are viable ways to prolong the lifespan. Keep in mind well-known brands like Brother and Fuji Xerox are made to last, and perform.


Operating costs of new printers vs cost of repair


Part of the reason Printcom is popular stems from our commitment to your business budget. We’re looking at long-term printer performance and total costs, which is why we may suggest repairs over replacement.


A high-quality printer often only requires parts and an experienced technician to return to maximum efficiency, and most importantly, reliability. At Printcom we evaluate a malfunctioning printer, and provide informed feedback.


What factors are in play?


Price of replacement parts, age of model, page count, and operational functionality costs are factors taken into account when weighing repair versus replace. If a simple fix, the choice is easy.


If uninformed workplace practices caused the malfunction, a recurrence is avoidable. Prior neglected maintenance can also be a contributing factor, and easily addressed. Other times the decision involves careful assessment.


Our team are always available


At Printcom we keep our repair services at competitive rates, and take pride in a fast response. Reach out to our team to discuss printer, scanner, and copier repair and maintenance needs to forestall replacement.


We also have the industry experience to consult on your current set-up, if replacing. Are you using the same printer model for each department, despite different printing stats? We can help with cost-per-page effective business solutions.

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