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Maximising the use of your copier at work or if you’re still working from home

Printcom is here to help with all of your printing, copying and computing needs. We’ve been around for a long-time, servicing schools, medical centres, offices and more. Not only do we provide high-quality and reliable equipment, but we’re also fully trained and skilled in servicing, repairing and maintaining printers, multi-function, copiers and more.

We’re also a direct supplier of Brother and OKI printers and supplies in Australia, so if you’re interested in their innovative products, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us for your buy or rent options. In the meantime, however, let’s talk about maximising the use of your copier.

Whether you’re at work in an office or working from home, you can take steps to maximise the use of your copier. Let’s explore how you can do that below.


Difference between A3 & A4 copiers

A3 and A4 are types of paper sizes. These size differences have several ramifications – and one might be better for you than another.



The size of the actual printers differs. As A3 printers need to be able to print larger documents, they need to be larger than an A4 printer. If you don’t have a lot of space in your workplace, an A3 may not fit – so an A4 might be a better choice.



A3 printers can print everything from A3 to A4 to postcards and envelopes. An A4 can’t print A3 documents, but they can print everything you’d need to meet your basic printing needs.



If it’s bigger, it’ll likely cost more too. In the long run, however, if you do a lot of printing, an A3 printer will be more cost-effective, as it’ll require less toner to print. If you only print occasionally or don’t require A3 documents, an A4 printer might be a better choice.


In the workplace

Whether you require support or service, you can rest assured that it’s possible. Sales, installations and service are running as usual, and if you require a contactless delivery or remote support, those are also options.


Working from home still?

If you’re still working from home, there are solutions available for you as well. Maximise the use of your copier by renting one for the period in which you need it. Printcom provides printers and copiers in a variety of sizes, formats and styles, so you’re sure to find one that meets your needs today.


Maximise your copier capabilities with Printcom..

Whether it involves switching to an A3 model or renting a copier, you should maximise the use of your copier today. We at Printcom would be happy to assist you – we repair, service and do maintenance on all Brother and OKI products, even if you didn’t buy or rent them from us.

Choose the best multifunction printer for you, and if you already know which you’d like, give us a call on (08) 62705500 or send an email at

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