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How to Minimise your E-waste

A few clever adjustments can make a notable dent in the levels of office e-waste. Here are easy ways to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, from the more obvious, to the unexpected.


Evaluate your font choices


Probably not what you were thinking, but over time this trick can make a real dent on ink usage. Across the months each small reduction per page can add up to a notable saving on toner and ink cartridges.


Don’t worry, nobody has to use Comic Sans. Try fonts that cover less space comparatively. Thinner fonts are go-to eco-conscious choices, especially if you reduce font size. Consider Courier, or Helvetica Condensed.


…And think beyond the font


Rather than letting the system choose your standard print settings, redefine the parameters. Many offices stick with the printing pre-sets found in common programs. A habit best broken when going green.


Changes can include but are not limited to lowering the DPI (dots per inch), choosing black and white printing over colour when possible, reducing margins, and of course double-sided printing.


Invest in a multifunction printer


Discarded electronics make up a notable amount of annual e-waste. Multifunction printers offer a combo of printer, scanner, copier, and fax all in one machine making them a cost efficient and environmentally sound alternative.


Printcom offer Brother printers and Oki printers designed with premium multifunction capabilities. Unsure what best suits your business? A member of our team can help explain each model’s technical features, and eco-impact.


Recycle and re-use electronics responsibly


Thoughtless attitudes toward the lifespan and disposal of office electronic goods contribute to e-waste. Would you trust a car that hasn’t been serviced? Adopt a similar perspective to office electronics.


Maintenance and repair increase the lifespan of equipment. Educate yourself on toxic elements, like batteries, that require safe disposal. Trade-in or donate old models, and recycle whenever possible.


Create an e-waste policy


One person pushing for change is great, but a company policy supporting change is even better. Make it official, and back an inhouse push toward sustainability with eco-friendly office guidelines.


A workplace culture that supports functional solutions is a great step forward. Points to address include re-evaluating hard copy procedures across all levels of operation, and increased cloud storage usage.


Compost shredded documents


Many companies have inhouse printed paper recycling programs, a conscientious practice that makes a positive difference. If possible, increase the number of recycle bins around the office.


Shredded paper is sometimes overlooked. Check if accepted by your recycler. If not, the good news is shredded paper makes fabulous compost. Local community gardening groups may be interested.


Be aware, and open to change


Office e-waste is a global issue that can addressed on a local level. The most important part of any environmentally conscious office are employees and management willing to swap old habits for new ideas.


Reach out to the Printcom team any time to discuss eco-conscious printer choices, and details of our repair and maintenance services. As a company we’re committed to helping businesses go green.

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