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3 commonly made mistakes when printing labels

Creating your own labels does not have to be a painstaking or costly process, it can be a great way to add your own personal and professional touch to your product or make it easier to organise your office supplies and documents. Having a label printer on hand can also help you avoid a lot of stress and hassle as you don’t have to order labels from a retailer. However, before you start printing there are a few common mistakes we would like to help you avoid.


Not taking the shape and size of the product into consideration

Before printing your label, you must consider the shape of the label and what it will be attached to. This is important so you avoid a distorted appearance. For example, if you are attaching a label to a bottle or a jar, you need to consider what shape will look best on this surface and if you have an image, how the image will look. The same should be done when considering fonts and where you have placed the writing on the bottle. The last thing you want is to print off hundreds or thousands of labels and the image or writing looks distorted or the label doesn’t make sense because writing or imagery is cut off.

Overlooking environmental effects on labels

A very common mistake, which is often overlooked is choosing a poor material for your label. Choosing the wrong material can lead to discolouration or loosened adhesive bonds when it is exposed to sunlight, heat, cold or moisture. It is important to buy printers for labelling which can print on to various types of materials. This is particularly important to consider when your item will be stored in the fridge or outside. A good way to choose the right material is to do some research on what kinds of materials other businesses use and to compare the materials you would like to use with theirs.

Avoid Spelling Mistakes

Although it may seem like the most obvious mistake, spelling mistakes are a very common and costly mistake. If this is not picked up on before the product is displayed or sold, this can look careless and unprofessional. This can also be a waste of money, especially when printing a large number of labels. These mistakes can be made not only in the name of the product but also the barcode. An easy way to avoid this is by getting a few other people to check for any other mistakes. It really is as simple as that to save money and stress.

Why Choose Printcom

Printcom’s label printers are a useful tool to make it easier to organise your office, label cables, consumer units and other electrical items. Their great range of professional label printers will help you make high-quality labels. If you are looking to buy printers for labelling or for printing documents get in touch with Printcom today on (08) 62705500 or

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