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Fix a broken machine today with PrintCom’s printer repairs in Perth. Modern offices and businesses have found that even with inboxes filled with thousands of emails, digital handbooks, and cloud storage, it is still important to have a high-quality, professional printer to get the job done. Signed contracts, official records, and advertising flyers all still require professional printing. When a high-end printer breaks, you need to call PrintCom for your Perth printer repairs.


Common mistakes people make regarding printer maintenance in Perth

When an office printer stops functioning correctly, there are a few errors that businesses and employees make that worsen the situation.

Amateur Fixes

As frustrating as a non-functional printer is, it’s crucial to resist the temptation to try to fix the machine yourself. Higher-end printers are complex and interconnected machines, so repairing them takes a large amount of training and experience. Amateur attempts can often cause more damage and, worse, void potential warranties.

Know What’s Covered

Depending on warranties and service contracts, certain regular maintenance will be covered. Ensure that you know what’s covered according to your agreements so that you never have to pay for service that’s under warranty or contract.

Unnecessary Replacements

Don’t discard a printer simply because it’s not working properly. Even serious issues can often be repaired, and with professional business printers, that can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Keeping these helpful hints in mind can both cut down on your overhead costs and ensure that your team is operating at peak efficiency.


The importance of printer servicing in Perth

Given how complex modern printers are, it’s no surprise that many issues can crop up and require servicing. Here are several common issues that prompt a call for tech support:

Complex Jams

A simple paper jam is often easy to remove from the feeding tray or an access panel. Sometimes that’s not the case, and the jam is in a more sensitive part of the printer. In these instances, seek proper assistance.

Regular Print Errors

Sometimes a printer is damaged through an error during regular use. This can cause frequent issues or more jams that will slow down your work and grind away at the printer until it breaks down entirely.

Wasted Toner

A printer that falls out of calibration can waste toner. This produces documents that are not at the correct brightness and wastes money with every page printed.


Why PrintCom’s Printer Repairs in Perth Are Cost-Effective

PrintCom’s printer repair centre in Perth is the best place to go for your repairs. We have 26 years of experience working with printers and a team that is well-trained and educated in the latest printer models. Our focus is on you, our client, and we will always offer you the best solution for your problem.

You can save a significant amount of money by getting printer repairs in Perth instead of just buying a new machine. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and to see if you need a repair instead of a replacement.

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