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How to choose the correct printer for your business


The price will arguably be one of the main elements of your choice. However, the quantity and quality debate comes into play with printers.

One that you can purchase off the shelf may be inexpensive but it may have cheaper parts and more likely to break within a few years than one which requires a significantly higher up-front investment.

Our recommendation is to find a middle-ground in the price. Now you can RENT high-performance multifunction colour A3/A4 printers at a fraction of the cost. Don’t necessarily choose the cheapest option but don’t spend a ton on a printer that may be unsuitable for your needs. Cross compare printers on website and we will match your need.


Ask yourself what you really need from the printer.

Do you really need:

  • Faxing?
  • Scanning?
  • Wireless capabilities?
  • Duplex?

Sometimes a simple, single-function printer (one that’s just for printing) is all you really need to get the job done. Sometimes you need all these features if you want to save space and keep all of those related tasks accessible in a single area of the office.


Size, Speed, and Volume

If you’re a small business that maybe does 10 or 20 documents a day something small like an inkjet printer is going to be enough to get the job done but if you’re growing and have a dozen or so employees that are all in need of printing then it’s worthwhile to make that investment in a printer which has a larger capacity for paper, faster print speeds, and higher-volume supplies.
Two items to consider:

  • Would it be better to have a printer for each desk?
  • Would it be better to have a printer in its own area?
  • Our suggestion is to monitor the print habits of those at work and RENT a Printer that solves all your business requirements that can handle hundreds of print jobs (quickly) each day.


Small Business Printer

In a small business environment, the need for a PRINTER is almost inevitable. the day to day operations could vary from, Scanning documents & Letters, Printing Contracts, Printing Disclaimer forms, Printing Invoices, Printing Brochures, Printing Printing Printing and never-ending..

The price of paper, ink and toner can get crazy. Have you priced an inkjet cartridge lately? How about a colour laser cartridge multiplied by four. WOW! I did some searching for lower-cost alternatives, but the journey got frustrating real quick. Printing in colour is not cheap.
Face reality…..
The prices ranged from 39 to 69 cents apiece, but I had to buy rather large quantities to get a good price. While this was a fixed cost, I need a variety of documents printed.Printing 100 to 300 copies of a single document just doesn’t scale for me. I looked online, but here again, the prices were reasonably high per letter-sized page, and high quantities were involved to bring prices down. Frustrating. Then I looked at refilling inkjet cartridges and recycled/refilled. The prices were somewhat lower, but warranties were voided and the reviews were disappointing. As a long time computer tech, I can tell you there is nothing worse than dealing with 3rd party ink and toner when problems arise. by John W Richardson

So what to do?



Take these main items into consideration next time you’re shopping around for a printer for your small business. Consider all the options – not just the up-front costs. Choose a printer that fits your business in terms of size, features, costs, and supplies. Know when to spend a little more to get quality.

If you’re still confused about choosing a printer for your small business then feel free to get in touch with us. A short phone call later and we can give you a handful of solid recommendations to match your needs.

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