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Why Mobile Printers Are The Perfect Present For Christmas

Tis the season to get creative with gift giving. A portable and/or mobile printer could be the perfect present for those hard to please people in your life.


Printer brands we love

Whether it’s a portable printer, or access to a home or office printer, we’ve got you covered. Lightweight and compact, Brother offers a wide range of portable products that provide smoothly integrated, high-quality on-the-go printing.

Oki printers are wonderful machines for those who want to use their office or home printer through their mobile. Likewise, high-performing Fuji Xerox mobile printing can be easily accessed.

Time to put on the Santa hat. Who around you would get the most use out of a new printer? Below are ten situations where colleagues, friends, and family will appreciate these wireless wonders.


1. Useful gifts are priceless

A mobile printer is likely to bring a smile to the face of someone who’s always dashing back to the office to print out documents. Essentially, you’re improving productivity, and giving them the gift of time.


2. SME friends will love it

Do you know a small business owner? A portable printer or mobile printer access will make their life easier. Choose a design that suits their specific needs, whether portability or app linked to the office printer.


3. Company travel made easy

Trying to organise printing during a business trip places pressure on a packed schedule. When in unfamiliar territory, a portable printer revolutionises the moving workplace, making for a brilliant offering.


4.Tough locale, tougher tech

The right portable printer is a gem of a stocking stuffer if work takes loved ones to outback locations. The Brother printer range includes designs with drop protection roll printer cases suitable for extreme environments.


5. An eco-conscious edge

Do you know someone who rarely prints, to avoid purchasing cartridges? Introduce them to a design with direct thermal printing that won’t require ink, thereby minimising environmental footprint.


6. Tech-loving types

Everybody loves an upgrade. The idea of slipping a printer into your bag is sure to appeal to those who can’t get enough of advances in user-friendly technology. Or introduce them to printing away from the office via app…


7. A show of support

Know someone launching a business or project in 2021? While you might not be able to financially back a friend’s start up, a mobile printer is a helpful contribution to any entrepreneur’s journey.


8. For the inner organiser

Have you considered label-friendly printers that can include templates and print across an assortment of tapes, ribbons, and laminated waterproof options? Perfect for the person who loves to label.


9. Industrial field specialists

Portable printers are available that offer designs that to meet the needs of certain sectors, and sub sectors. If there’s an electrician in the family, how about a handheld printer hardwired with symbols specific to their industry?


10. Compact home office

Sometimes life takes over dedicated professional spaces. If the home office is now a nursery, guest room, or lost to a move, a portable printer, or off-site access to the office printer, is a wonderful workaround.



…Have a Merry Christmas, from the Printcom team!

When it comes to printers, we offer helpful, adaptive innovations that combine speed with quality. Bring a smile to the face of the people in your life with a reliable, quality printer beneath the tree this Yuletide season.

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